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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Bean Box do?

Bean Box partners with Seattle's top independent coffee roasters to curate and deliver the highest quality, freshly-roasted coffee to our customers.

How does Bean Box work?

1. We hand pick coffee from Seattle's top-rated roasters every month.
2. We ship the beans to you or your lucky gift recipient in a handsome Bean Box.
3. You / they brew and enjoy delicious coffee with each unique roast.

Can I customize the coffees I receive?

While some of our products intentionally contain a range of roast profiles (light to dark), origins, and blends/single origin coffees, you can either purchase a product that specifically fits your palate, (light, medium, dark, espresso, African, Latin American, Indonesian, etc.) or you can tailor your ongoing subscription to your roast preference. If there's any way we can make your gift or subscription better suited to what you love to drink, just let us know!

How much coffee is in a Bean Box?

Each Bean Box "sampler" box includes four 1.8 ounce bags of whole bean coffee (i.e. 7.2 total oz.). This makes approximately 16 cups of coffee depending on your brewing method and strength preferences. Not surprisingly, our 12 ounce bags contain twelve ounces of coffee. The Deluxe Seattle Coffee Tour contains twenty (16) 1.8 ounce bags; our World Coffee Tour contains sixteen (16) 1.8 ounce bags. We use a really precise scale!

When will I receive my first Bean Box shipment?

We ship every Wednesday for most items, so that we can coordinate with roasters and ensure the freshness of your coffee. Once you choose your Bean Box gift or subscription plan, we will show you your first shipment date prior to checkout. We ship with USPS First Class and priority Mail. In most cases, boxes are delivered within 3 business days.

When will I be billed for the monthly recurring membership?

For reoccurring subscriptions, billing occurs when your coffee ships. If you have prepaid, billing will reoccur on the first shipment following the anniversary of your purchase.

When will I be billed for a gift subscription that I purchased?

For most gifts, you are billed for the full amount of a gift subscription on the date of purchase (e.g. $68.00 will be charged for a 3-month gift on the date of purchase).

Does Bean Box ship internationally?

We currently ship anywhere in the United States (including places like Guam and military bases!), and anywhere in Canada (for an extra shipping fee). For other countries, please email us and ask for a custom shipping quote.

How do I change the shipping address for my order or my billing information?

Head to the account section, and have at it.

How do I cancel my Bean Box subscription?

We'd be very sad to see you go, but we hope you'll keep us in mind for future gifts and other caffeine fixes. Head to the account section, select the item you wish to cancel, and follow the directions. Our policy on cancellation is pretty simple: you need to cancel by the end of the day Thursday (Pacific Time) the week before your next scheduled shipment (every other Wednesday).

Does Bean Box have any decaf offerings?

We do! Have a gander at our current decaf coffee offerings. We also offer decaf samplers and coffees of the month as gifts.

How can I purchase full bags of the coffee I love in my Bean Box?

We're glad you asked! Just head to our Coffee Section. You can get more of the caffeinated delight of your choice in 12 ounce bags. Every shipment confirmation will tell you exactly which coffees we've sent to you.

How do I track the status of an order?

You can see which orders have shipped, and whether you have future shipments scheduled by logging into your account. Every time we ship, we send you a shipment notification by email. This email will contain a USPS tracking URL, and will list all of the tasty coffees that are on their way. If you have any questions about an order, you can also contact customer service.

How often do you ship?

All the coffees we ship are roasted to order. We ship every Wednesday, although there are some products, like our deluxe and specialty samplers, that ship only every other week. In some cases, individual bags of coffee will be shipped prior to their stated ship dates. We tell you when items will ship both in the shopping cart and in your receipt (by email). If you ever need to expedite an order, just contact and we'll do our best.

Are your coffees organic and/or fair trade?

We partner only with small batch, independent roasters, and we carefully screen them not just for their bean sourcing practices, but for their overall attention to quality in the finished product. In the coffee industry, both organic and fair trade certifications are often associated, ironically, with factory-farmed and processed coffee. We've laid out our thoughts on both organic and fair trade certifications, and welcome your feedback.

How do I become a Bean Box roaster?

We're always looking to add amazing coffee roasters to our distinguished list. Please send Ryan an email to for more information.

I still have questions. How do I contact the Bean Box Team?

We're here for you! Please send us questions, feedback, or ideas on everything Bean Box to We're also open to discuss other topics, such as anything related to Seattle or Coffee. We'd love to hear from you.