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Seattle and Portland's topIndependent Coffee Roasters

Bean Box is proud to feature Seattle's finest artisan roasters, from established roasting veterans to innovative upstarts.

Slate Coffee Roasters Kuma Coffee Middle Fork Roasters Keala's Hawaiian Coffee Longshoreman's Daughter Coffee Seattle Coffee Works True North Coffee Roasters Bluebeard Coffee Roasters Water Avenue Coffee Company Fundamental Coffee Company Caffe Vita Herkimer Coffee Vashon Coffee Company Broadcast Coffee Roasters Roseline Coffee Victrola Coffee Roasters Seven Coffee Roasters Caffe Umbria Velton's Coffee Roasting Company Coava Coffee Conduit Coffee Company Lighthouse Roasters Fonte Coffee Vashon Island Coffee Roasterie Tin Umbrella Coffee Roasters Anchorhead Coffee Dapper and Wise Coffee Roasters Ladro Roasting Daring Coffee Roasters Zoka Coffee