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Coffees » Velton's Coffee Roasting Company

Velton's Coffee Roasting Company

It's hard to think of a single name more widely-recognized among Seattle's coffee snobs, and yet somehow still under the radar, than Velton Ross. Everyone seems to know and respect Velton-- after all, he's been in the coffee world for over 26 years, 11 of those as a barista, before becoming a roaster and committing to a lifelong journey into the wide world of coffee. "I knew that, to be a great roaster I'd have to learn as much as possible about growing regions, harvest times, varietals, processing methods and more... I can safely say I'm still entrenched in that learning process," he says, "And I haven't tired of it even one bit!"

Velton self-describes as a "middle of the road" roaster, catering more to the love of a balanced cup rather than a philosophy on light or dark roasting. "I try to keep my palate calibrated to the industry's ever-changing palate at large, but consistency is my goal. It might sound boring to some, but in the end we have a nicely nuanced cup that showcases all the positive attributes of any coffee: aroma, acidity, body, sweetness".

You'll find a lot of variety in Velton's offerings, from his dark-roast "twilight" blend to sparkly single origins... but never entirely expected. "It's one of my favorite things about what I do, seeking out unique coffees," he says, "often from a region lesser-known for fantastic offerings. Quality is improving everywhere. If they impress us, I want to make sure we do our part to reward them for a job well done."

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Kenya Nyeri AA Kagumo

Light • Single Origin • Raspberry, Currant, Fruit


Guatemala Waykan Huehuetenago

Light • Single Origin • Tomato, Lime, Grapefruit


Java Sunda Hejo Badak

Light • Single Origin • Chocolate, Berry, Fruit


Papua New Guinea Kunjin

Light • Single Origin • Cherry, Raisin, Chocolate


Mexico Nayarita

Light • Single Origin • Apricot, Chocolate, Strawberry


Twilight Blend

Dark • Blend • Cherry, Spice, Dark Chocolate


Bonsai Blend

Medium • Blend • Caramel, Chocolate, Citrus


Three Raven's Blend Decaf

Decaf • Blend • Caramel, Citrus, Pineapple