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Keala's Hawaiian Coffee

Keala's Hawaiian Coffee

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Born and raised in Oahu, Sean Lee, grew up with fresh, Hawaiian coffee at his fingertips. When he came to Seattle, he missed the taste of the tropics and wanted to produce coffee with the same flavor and freshness he enjoyed back home. He sought to create a company centered around coffee quality and the deep pride he saw in the farmers of Hawaii. Keala’s coffees are hand-picked to ensure the finest quality then expertly blended with coffees from all over the world.

As the only coffee-growing state in the United States, Hawaii offers a distinctively-flavored coffee bean, rarely showcased to this degree of purity. The market around Hawaiian beans is competitive and often shaky when it comes to quality, with beans having artificial flavors added to reproduce a coconut or macadamia flavor. Keala’s never adds flavors to their coffees and only sources their beans from the top farms. All coffees are roasted in small batches for premium consistency and as our customers have told us have a “light refreshing flavor.” Close your eyes while sipping their coffees and you might just get transported to a sunny paradise.

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Coffees from Keala's Hawaiian Coffee

Pano Blend

Dark • Blend • Nutty, Ginger


Na Pali Blend

Medium • Blend • Lime, Nutty, Citrus


100% Oahu

Medium • Single Origin • Clove, Spice, Earthy


100% Kona

Medium • Single Origin • Passion Fruit, Coconut


Nana's Decaf

Decaf • Blend •


Honolulu Blend

Medium • Blend • Guava, Mountain Apple


Hapuna Espresso Blend

Medium • Blend • Citrus