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Zoka Coffee

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Zoka has been a hub of local coffee culture since 1996, building their network of baristas, coffee-lovers, and growers.

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Coffees from Zoka Coffee

El Sal Malacara B Orange Bourbon

Light • Single Origin • Cranberry, Citrus, Orange


African Sunset

Light • Blend • Citrus, Lemon, Strawberry


Decaf Tangletown

Decaf • Blend • Berry, Floral, Milk Chocolate


Costa Rica Helsar de Zarcero

Light • Single Origin • Date, Tomato, Chocolate


Tuscan Blend

Dark • Blend • Cherry, Nutty, Almond


Hidden City

Dark • Blend •


Decaf Espresso Paladino

Decaf • Blend • Citrus, Butter, Cocoa


Paladino Espresso Blend

Medium • Blend • Nutty, Citrus, Orange


Cuatro Espresso Blend

Medium • Blend • Graham Cracker, Nutty, Cocoa Powder


Fitzroy's Blend

Medium • Blend • Chocolate, Molasses


Guatemala Bourbon Natural

Light • Single Origin • Honey, Melon, Cucumber