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Fundamental Coffee Company

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Owner of Fundamental Coffee Company, Scott McMartin, is a Seattle coffee icon and a true artist when it comes to the dark roast blend. Working for Starbucks for twelve years, he contributed to all ends of the coffee spectrum; from procuring beans and maintaining grower relationships to creating recipes for their most-prized blends.

After over a decade of roasting for a coffee giant, Scott took roasting into his own hands -literally- with a small Probat roaster down in Seattle. Focusing on West Coast-style roasting, Scott’s been influenced by names such as Alfred Peet (of Peet’s Coffee), Arnold Spinelli, and Jim Reynolds (of Seattle’s Best Coffee). Like an artist sculpting a masterpiece, he believes “each coffee and blend asks for individual interpretation”. We look forward to each roast from Fundamental knowing it will be special. One Bean Box customer called a Fundamental coffee, “One of the darkest, velvety-rich, smoothest cups I've had.”

Scott’s farm-to-cup passion for coffee is evident in every roast. He told us, “We want people to enjoy great coffee and make the business inclusive, not elitist. Coffee is arguably the most important and personal social beverage.” In the spirit of being social, we couldn’t be more happy to share Scott’s special roasts that are developed with the knowledge, consistency, and control of a true coffee artist.

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Coffees from Fundamental Coffee Company

Guatemala Antigua Acate

Dark • Single Origin • Tobacco, Chocolate, Toast


Humbucker Blend

Dark • Blend • Toast, Earthy, Herbal


Sumatra Tapanuli

Dark • Single Origin • Spice, Smoke, Earthy


Semaphore Blend

Dark • Blend •


Stemwinder Blend

Dark • Blend •