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Slate Coffee Roasters

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A newcomer in 2012, Slate is a family affair gaining a lot of attention in the Seattle coffee scene. Slate opened their first cafe in a Ballard, WA and quickly turned heads with their vibrant single origin coffees, meticulously-measured pour overs, coffee flights reminiscent of a wine tasting, and deconstructed lattes. Their playful approach and innovative coffee menu isn’t just for show. Slate puts as much care into their coffees, including their sourcing process and how they roast every bean differently to emphasize its unique flavor characteristics. Slate roasts on the lighter end of the spectrum because they believe it helps the distinct characteristics of the process, varietal, and region stand out in your cup. Their approach has made them a favorite at Bean Box coffee tastings, often introducing long-time coffee drinkers to the vibrant flavor potential of a lightly-roasted Ethiopian coffee. Give Slate coffees a try to have your own coffee epiphany moment.

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Coffees from Slate Coffee Roasters

Ethiopia Adisu Kidane

Light • Single Origin • Raspberry, Apricot, Berry


Ethiopia Gedeb Chelchele

Light • Single Origin • Caramel, Melon, Peach


Cream and Sugar

Light • Blend • Caramel, Almond, Chocolate


Nightcap Decaf

Decaf • Single Origin • Raisin, Clove, Chocolate


Under Pressure Espresso

Light • Blend • Nutty, Berry, Nut


Brazil Sitio Groto Funda

Light • Single Origin • Raisin, Vanilla, Fig


Kilenso Ethiopia

Light • Single Origin • Cocoa Powder, Strawberry, Blueberry