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Kuma Coffee

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In 2007, Kuma Coffee entered the Seattle coffee scene roasting for a small circle of friends. They are known for lightly-roasted coffees that push the boundaries of what your palette expects from a cup of Joe. Owner and roast master, Mark Barnay spent time in Africa inspiring his lifelong love of bright and daring African coffees.

When we first met Mark, his passion for his craft was palpable. He's akin to a gourmet chef, sourcing the finest ingredients and endlessly experimenting with his roasts to create one-of-a-kind coffees. It’s not unusual to experience tasting notes ranging from caramel to white wine while tasting Kuma coffees.

You’ll also notice their distinctively clean taste which leaves very little aftertaste or sentiment in your mouth. This a result of their Loring roaster’s precise roasting capabilities and a commitment to sourcing ultra high quality green beans. For the team at Kuma, creating the world’s most unique coffees begins with trips to the world’s top microlots where they will pass on hundreds of farms in search of a handful of standouts.

We’ve met few coffee roasters as meticulous as Mark and his team. They pay a premium for quality and the result is an annual lineup of coffees that features award winners and attracts a cult-like following. If you’ve enjoyed a coffee from Kuma, it’s best to order more right away. Kuma buys and roasts a very limited quantity from every farm making every coffee a limited-edition for the year.

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Coffees from Kuma Coffee

Ethiopia Jimma Decaf

Decaf • Single Origin • Raspberry, Citrus, Orange


Ethiopia Gedeb

Light • Single Origin • Melon, Tea, Floral


Fresh Crop Balanced

Light • Blend • Caramel, Honey, Stone Fruit


Fresh Crop Bright

Light • Blend • Berry, Floral, Citrus