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Ask the Barista: Best Drip Coffees for a Latte Lover

What are the best drip coffees for a latte lover? Ask The Barista answers all of your questions about roasts, grinds, and everything in between!

Ask The Barista answers all of your questions about roasts, grinds, and everything in between. Got a question brewing? Email to have your question answered by the Barista in upcoming blog posts.

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Q: Lattes are my go to drink, but I want to get into specialty coffee. What drip coffees would you suggest for someone who never drinks coffee black?

A: Opening the door to the world of specialty brewed coffees can be intimidating. It can be difficult to juggle the single origin names, tasting profiles, and brewing techniques. But once you experience all that these coffees have to offer, you won’t be disappointed. One of the biggest fears for people switching to brewed coffee is bitter flavor. Remember fresh coffee means little to no bitterness! That means get rid of the stale coffee in the back of your cupboard you’ve had for months and get something fresh and worth savoring!

If you are a fan of tea-like flavors, try a light roasted single origin with fruity notes like this coffee from Papua New Guinea by Conduit Coffee Company. Kuma Coffee also has a number of delicious coffees with tasting notes from peaches and lime to milk chocolate and fruit punch. Their Ethiopia Worka is a lovely light brew with tasting notes of mango, melon, and apricot. If you are afraid to jump right in, try a dark roast such as the Stemwinder Blend by Fundamental Roasters with a bit of milk or cream. Dark roast blends are often heavy and more likely to compliment a little cream. The important thing is to have fun! Take a moment to enjoy the complex smells and tastes of your coffee and appreciate all the hands involved to make your morning cup of joe. And afternoon cup of joe… and evening cup…

Welcome to the Dark Side,

The Barista

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