The Perfect Coffee Date for Your Valentine

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The perfect coffee date is nothing like the bad first date you had at a coffee shop with someone you met online. This date is different, because you’re sharing a cup of hot coffee with someone you’re already hot for.

We suggest beginning Valentine’s Day a little later than usual. Spend extra time under the covers before you roll out of bed towards the kitchen. Choose one of your favorite coffees, and grind up the beans. We say go for chocolatey coffee to match the sweet-themed day. Hand deliver this coffee to your someone special.

If you prefer to walk down to the local coffee shop or drive to your favorite spot that is also a great option for relaxing on a comfortable couch and catching up. The perfect coffee date is about spending time sipping away the day with the person you love and taking the time to listen to what they have to say.  So, relax and drink up! You have a lot to celebrate.

Boxing Up Love,

Team Bean Box

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