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What is the Real Difference Between Light and Dark Roasts?

There are many thoughts on Light and Dark Roasts. We all have a preference, but what is the real difference between Light and Dark Roasts?

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Are you one of these people who avoid dark roasts like the plague?

“No, I will not be having any of that black death in my morning cup. I like something light and sweet.”

Or are you the opposite and prefer something tall, dark, and handsome to drink up in the morning? Hey, I don’t judge. But do you really know the difference between a light roast and dark roast and what they bring to the table?

Let’s talk facts…

Light Roasts

Dark Roasts

In the end, it all comes down to preference. If you like a bold roast with smooth, complex flavors and clean finishes, try roasts such as Lighthouse Roaster’s ChoiceKeala’s Hapuna Espresso Blend, and Fundamental’s Stemwinder Blend. Prefer a sweeter coffee? Conduit’s Westlake Blend is a nice, medium-light roast with a milk chocolate roundness and taste of brown sugar. Either way, enjoy filling your cup to the top with some delicious Seattle coffee.

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