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Longshoreman's Daughter Coffee - Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

Longshoreman's Daughter Coffee

Roast: Medium, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Single Origin

Availability: Limited

Tastes: chocolate, ginger

Sold out

Bean Box Breakdown

Straight from the birthplace of coffee. We never imagined great coffee could taste like tea.

Longshoreman's Daughter Coffee Story

Very sweet, lively taste with hints of orange, ginger, berry, and mild chocolate. Round acidity, syrupy body. Sourced from Dama Co-op in Ethiopia.

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5 stars, based on 3 ratings
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"This was my favorite coffee of any I have been sent. The coffee itself was light and smooth, and it had hints of chocolate and raspberry. I will be buying bags of it if I ever see it come back into production." (5 out of 5)

Bean 25 Bean 25 Bean 25 Bean 25 Bean 25

"I love Ethiopian coffees, the ginger was great!" (5 out of 5)

Bean 25 Bean 25 Bean 25 Bean 25 Bean 25

"This coffee is delicious and super smooth. A real treat." (5 out of 5)

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