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Seven Coffee Roasters - Philippines Kalinga

Philippines Kalinga

Seven Coffee Roasters

Roast: Medium roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Single Origin

Tastes: Oak, Fruitcake, Fruit

Scarcity: Seasonal

Bean Box Breakdown

We are excited to feature this uncommon coffee! Mild yet bright, this roast features a balanced mix of fruity and oaky notes. Its United Nations N-Peace award is just icing on the (fruit) cake.

Seven Coffee Roasters Story

A medium roast from Kalinga Province. Sourced through Coffee for Peace, a coop in which 80% of the coffee farmers are women. Notes of jack fruit, oak, and fruit cake.

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Customer Reviews

11 customer reviews

"Do you like interesting coffee? Well this is the one for you. Jackfuit, Fruitcake,Oak, Its all in there. I enjoyed this as a change up from my regular brew. but I definitely think this is more of a special occasion drink than an every day cup."

"This coffee was just ok. Too much fruit aroma for me, without any hints of fruit sweetness. I used a full sample bag in a french press with 4 cups of water and medium-coarse grind."

"Very earthy flavor without tasting burnt or muddy. Brewed in an aeropress, it was smooth and full bodied. I usually prefer lighter coffees with more of a berry profile, but this was a nice change of pace."

"Really balanced flavors--fruity but not too fruity, bold without smokiness, and rounded out with a bakery smoothness. Great black or with cream. Perfect with breakfast. "

"Great afternoon coffee. Made using a french press and later as espresso. Both came out great. "

"Sweet and bright flavors. An enjoyable cup of coffee. Love that this brew supports female farmers!!"

"We brewed this in a french press. The coffee was light and mild. It's a solid morning coffee with a sweet after taste."

"Used in my french press; having been to the Philippines and sampled from the source I can say this is truly is an authentic experience. Filopino coffee is like no other. Bold and subtly sweet, perfect balance."

"Prepared this for my french press. Light flavors, doesn't need sugar (in my opinion) and just a touch of cream. "

"Brewed using a chemex and it tasted like I was drinking it out of a wooden mug. I was ready to give it a 2 rating and then brewed using a v60 and more of the fruit came out and muted the oak taste where it was rather good-more like a 4 rating. Makes a big difference on your brew choice."

"I was surprised by how much I liked this medium roast. A little on the sweet side, this roast has a lot of fruit notes and isn't overpowering. I added an extra spoonful of grounds to my french press since it tends to brew a little too light for my taste. "

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