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Tin Umbrella Coffee Roasters - Chase Your Dreams Blend

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Chase Your Dreams Blend

Tin Umbrella Coffee Roasters

Roast: dark, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Blend

Tastes: Chocolate, Spice, Ginger

Bean Box Breakdown

We found our unicorn! Smooth with a burst of dark sweetness, and notes of dark chocolate, ginger, and fairy dust.

Tin Umbrella Coffee Roasters Story

A dark-roast, traditional-blend with just a hint of magic, so you're oh-so-deliciously-energized and ready to get out there, and chase your dreams (wherever they may take you)!

Currently Unavailable

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Customer Reviews

Star fullStar fullStar half 8 customer reviews  write a review
Star fullStar fullStar fullStar fullStar full

"I am a DARK coffee lover and while this is not as dark as some, it is SMOOOOTH (used a chemex to brew). It is one of my favorites."

Star fullStar full

"This is more of a holiday blend...Heavy orange peel flavor...slight disappointment.."

Star fullStar fullStar full

"Brewed with chemex, v60 (hot and iced), Kalita Wave, aeropress. All were smooth and chocolate was the only tasting note that was present. Acid seemed minimal and made for a nice iced brew along with a good aeropress."

Star fullStar fullStar fullStar full

"Used a burr grinder & ground to coarse grind & brewed using chemex drip system. Surprised by light color of ground beans, but brewed dark and rich. Coffee only became acidic once it sat out and came to room temperature. Had chocolate and burnt caramel taste. Consider it a medium dark roast."

Star full

"Ordinary simple blend and definitely not a dark roast in my opinion. Overall I was disappointed with the acidic taste. "

Star full

"I agree with the other reviews. Not smooth. Lots of acid in my opinion. I would not buy on my own."

Star full

"It has acidic notes, however it is not bitter, and it has nice aroma. It makes an acceptable cortado but a very light espresso americano"

Star full

"Definitely not a dark roast. Quite acidic and disappointed with this coffee. "

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