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Vashon Coffee Company - Sumatra Takengon KKGO

Sumatra Takengon KKGO (#486)

Vashon Coffee Company

Roast: Light roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Single Origin

Tastes: Caramel, Spice, Herbal

Scarcity: Seasonal

Bean Box Breakdown

Spicy caramel takes center stage in this luxurious roast, a product of Vashon’s impeccable taste and roasting prowess. Such a light, sweet coffee from Sumatra is a rare delight.

Vashon Coffee Company Story

Fair trade & organic. Produced on family-owned farms organized around the KKGO Cooperative in the Takengon highlands of the Aceh province. Sweet, herbal notes with a caramel smoothness.

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Customer Reviews

29 customer reviews

"Just ok - I didn't get much flavor from this, though I thought the description would be good: herbs, spice, caramel. Would try it again though. (chemex)"

"I am definitely not a coffee connoisseur (though I’m trying), but this coffee certainly lived up to the tasting notes. Very herbal and tasty! Would be the type of coffee a new coffee drinker could enjoy. I've already ordered another bag."

"Had this one as an espresso and absolutely loved it! It's difficult to describe, but the flavour has a good subtle spice and it's so pleasant and delightful I couldn't get enough of it. Will definitely order this one again, and strongly recommend trying it out!"

"Brewed with v60 pour over. Quite herbal and tea like flavors. A little spice and notes of caramel. Good but a little light for my taste."

"I enjoyed every sip. Was a pleasant surprise for my first box."

"I usually like medium roast and this was a bit lighter roast, but it was smooth and delicious! It paired extremely well with the Bali Sea Salt Toffee chocolate that came with the coffee & chocolate sampler box!"

"I got this one in a sampler. I enjoyed the spiciness. I would probably rate this higher if I were a bigger fan of Sumatran coffees."

"Very interesting - caramel-y at first and gets more herbal/tea tasting as it cools (used aeropress inverted method)"

"Herbs and spices! caramel, sweet, light bodied, good linger. Good for a sumatra (not my favorite type of coffee if I'm being honest!)"

"Fantastic - ginger snaps dipped in bourbon. Very herbal and spiced nose - almost as pungent as a chicken base. Sits fairly light on the tongue, but hangs around forever. A surprisingly wonderful balance of well toasted vanilla and caramel, a lively (almost cherry-like) acidity, and plenty of spice! "

"Very unique mouthfeel, definitely a must-have for this season. Would recommend to anyone! I made this coffee in a chemex. "

"This was my first Bean Box and I was really surprised at the quality of the bean. I love this coffee and will likely order it again. "

"This particular coffee tastes more like tea, in my household's opinion. On the one hand, some of us enjoy that quality, but on the other hand, some of the household did not like it for that reason. You might just consider this when deciding for your own personal taste."

"I was happy with the sweet edge of the coffee, since I tend to drink it black from the french press; it can be a little hard to take when coffees are bitter! Sumatra always seems to have the perfect combination of strength and smoothness."

"Freshly brewed the coffee packs some pleasant herbal spiciness with subtle light notes of concord grape; it's a gift to the ol' olfactory system! The coffee drinks light, tea-like in body and I was able to pull out some citrus acidity with a some tobacco notes and a nice spice-drop like finish."

"A great herbal Coffee! You will enjoy this wonderful blend with every sip you take! "

"I am not a huge Sumatra fan but this is a very tasty coffee. I would most certainly drinking it again. However, it is not a coffee that I would personal choose over other origins at the same price"

"Vashon always seems to make consistently good coffee, and this on is no exception. The herbal and spice notes really come through."

"Brewed in french press 4-5 minutes. Very smooth with caramel flavor. Excellent lighter roast coffee. The best description is again very smooth with very little acidity or the wine or fruity flavor often associated with light a roast. "

"Excellent! I love the caramel taste. I would recommend trying this coffee. "

"A delicious coffee! Firstly, the beans smell fantastic--the same herbal/spices notes that the coffee tastes of. It is light with sweet undertones & aftertaste, but the coffee itself is not sweet. The flavor reminds me of tea and is one of the most distinctive coffees I've tried. Made with a moka pot"

"This one tasted pretty dark. I had to add more sugar than I normally do."

"Another one I loved from my wife’s sampler. One of the best coffees I’ve had. Smooth like black tea but not bitter"

"Another one of my favorites! Such a bright coffee and seeet flavor I loved it so much! "

"A very good roast, light and slightly spicy. Will be trying other roasts by Vashon soon. "

"A little bland and the flavor did come through as well as others we have tried, but it was OK to drink black. "

"I really enjoyed this Sumatra. I don't drink it much since I now prefer lighter roasts. When drinking dark roasts, Sumatra was a favorite. A welcomed respite "

"Out of all the samplers, this one was my favorite. Partially... because I pictured Vashon Island while drinking it. I'm not a trained coffee-expert but this one felt more home-y to me or subtle. Like, I wasn't distracted by the distinctness of hte coffee. "

"Notes of glorious caramel make this coffee rich and delicious. This is one of my boyfriend's favorites!"

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