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Conduit Coffee Company - Nicaragua Finca La Bendicion
Sold out

Nicaragua Finca La Bendicion

Conduit Coffee Company

Roast: Light, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Single Origin

Scarcity: Seasonal

Tastes: chocolate, strawberry

Bean Box Breakdown

Ready to indulge in a new life experience? These 'elephant'-sized Pacamara coffee beans are bursting with flavor and complexity. Hints of boozy fudge, peanut, and strawberry jam culminate into a collective WOW. This limited availability coffee from Nicaragua Finca La Bendicion Pacamara is naturally processed and roasted to perfection. An absolute standout for 2017 (you might just give it a standing ovation)!

Conduit Coffee Company Story

This coffee is a Pacamara variety, which means huge beans and complex layers of flavor. It’s also a natural process, so it has a rich, wild sweetness. We find boozy fudge, peanut, and strawberry.

Sold out

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Customer Reviews write a review

4.5 stars, based on 3 ratings
Star fullStar fullStar fullStar full

"Such a fun coffee and they weren't kidding about the huge bean size. Delicious cup with toffee and chocolate flavors. Brewed with a V60. " (4 out of 5)

Star fullStar fullStar fullStar fullStar full

"LOVE CONDUIT! I have had nothing but awesome coffee from these guys. Bean Box dont ever let them leave! Take a nice medium bodied central american coffee and have a love child with an Ethiopian fruit forward brew and this is the coffee youre going to get! Its awesome. " (5 out of 5)

Star fullStar fullStar fullStar fullStar full

"Holy cow they weren't exaggerating about the different flavors in this blend. Delicious!! I put this in my French press and could smell the peanut and strawberry essences right away. Very distinctive, highly recommended!" (5 out of 5)

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