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Conduit Coffee Company

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Bursting on to the Seattle coffee scene in 2012, Conduit is a forward thinking artisan roaster with a focus on experimentation and sourcing ethically-farmed coffees. Before opening Conduit, owner Jesse Nelson was working in sustainable agriculture in Washington so coffee was a natural fit. His work in agriculture drove him to source coffees from farms where quality and sustainability are priorities. Conduit offers a seasonally curated rotation of single origin coffees and blends. On any given week, you’ll find the Conduit team competing in coffee competitions, hosting locals for a coffee tasting, and experimenting with a new seasonal coffee blend. Conduit’s blends are caramelized to bring out chocolatey notes. Their single origin coffees are well-developed light roasts bringing out the unique natural flavors of each coffee’s origin. “We never like to roast the origin character from the bean, but we’re not afraid to add our own roasting character”.  As if this wasn’t exciting enough, in true Seattle style, they deliver their beans by bike!

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Coffees from Conduit Coffee Company

Peru Eli and Percy

Light • Single Origin • Tea, Chocolate, Citrus


Locofocos Espresso

Medium • Blend • Chocolate, Floral


Ship Canal Blend

Dark • Blend • Caramel, Chocolate, Spice


Colombia Excelso Decaf

Decaf • Single Origin • Raspberry, Chocolate, Brownie


Congo Muungano

Light • Single Origin • Cherry, Spice, Cocoa


Westlake Blend

Medium • Blend • Chocolate, Brown Sugar