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Conduit Coffee Company

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What’s in a name? Conduit says it all: not only a purveyor of small lot specialty coffee, but also a true connector and community builder. Conduit Coffee is run by Jesse Nelson, a forward-thinking artisan roaster who burst into the scene in 2012 with a focus on experimentation and sourcing ethically-farmed beans.

It’s hard not to get excited about Seattle coffee when you’re talking to Jesse. Before opening Conduit, Jesse worked in sustainable agriculture in Washington. His passion for quality and sustainability informs his coffee sourcing, and he carefully chooses his small lots from farms where quality and sustainability are top priorities. His seasonal curation of coffees always includes a few utter gems: he’ll roast up fantastically original notes like cherry cobbler, jasmine tea, lime-aid, all wrapped within a base of deep cocoa. His coffees invite you to swim deep into the sea of what specialty coffee can be… but only briefly, before the balance of flavor brings you back to solid ground. According to Jesse, “We never like to roast the origin character from the bean, but we’re not afraid to add our own roasting character”, which is why his lighter roasts have a spicy, well-deveoped feel to them. Beyond the inventive single origins, Conduit offers medium blends for drip—and, of course, his award-winning espresso— that have a traditional appeal: heavy chocolate, caramel, marshmallow, and toasted nut.

Hoping to create more than just a roasting company, Conduit has become known locally for being a true hub of coffee community: they host award-winning guest baristas, organize latte-art throw downs, and invite local musicians to perform within the roastery—all while the freshly-roasted coffee is flowing. Conduit’s vision of coffee is one in which growers, roasters, baristas, and coffee lovers alike can all come together to celebrate their passion for the brew. Conduit stamps the words “roasted kindly” on every bag; and when we receive our freshly-roasted coffee from Conduit (sustainably delivered by bicycle, no less!), we’re reminded that every great coffee is a true conduit to experience the world… one kindly roasted cup at a time.

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Buy Coffees from Conduit Coffee Company

Buy Coffees from Conduit Coffee Company

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