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Herkimer Coffee - Guatemala Alotepeque

Guatemala Alotepeque (#501)

Herkimer Coffee

Roast: Medium roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Single Origin

Tastes: Caramel, Cinnamon, Nutty

Scarcity: Seasonal

Bean Box Breakdown

Known for a wine-like acidity and notes of sweet cocoa, Huehuetenangos are the perfect wine and chocolate pairing. In this cup, a longer processing method really pumps up the volume. On a scale of 1-10, these go to 11.

Herkimer Coffee Story

Prototypical Huehuetenango coffee: soft and easy drinking. Fruity acidity with notes of walnut, cinnamon, and caramel with a refreshing texture of coca cola. A sweet cup.

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Customer Reviews

23 customer reviews

"4.1 / 5 Very good! fruity nose, with hints of cinnamon. Immediately fruity on the tongue, very bright fruit w/ hints of cinnamon and caramel(?) Light mouthfeel."

"I thought this coffee was number 2 out of the samples I received. It was one of the top ones. Very smooth, kind of light. Nice afternoon cup"

"Walnut and cinnnamon. caramel, grape-like acidity. Very good!"

"There is a reason this is sold out! My wife and I loved this!"

"This was probably one of my favorite coffees. All of the flavors came together great. The roast was a smooth medium taste and came out great in our french press. "

"Although just a touch acidic to drink black, the addition or milk and a touch of sugar made the nutty/caramel-ness pop!! Had espresso and french press and loved it both ways!!"

"I enjoyed this coffee but I think I didn't make it as strong as I would have liked. Next time I'll add more than what it calls for. "

"This one wasn't a favorite. It tasted much darker than anticipated. "

"Really liked this coffee. Would order it in the future. "

"I throughly enjoyed this medium roast! I liked the subtle sweetness and chocolate notes. I would definitely order this again!"

"A nice balance and subtle sweetness. Good start to the fall season."

"This coffee is smooth but the upfront taste is harsh citrus, a little bit nutty, and then fades into a more chocolatey taste, which becomes more pronounced as it cools. The harshness fades a little and a fruity note comes out more. It's not a bad coffee, but I dislike its harshness. Made with a moka"

"medium roast? More like extra dark roast. Tasted like coffee grounds -- awful. "

"My favorite of the samples from my promo box. This is one of the best coffees I have had in months. A great choice!"

"Very good lighter roast coffee. Brewed in a french press. Enjoyed the nutty flavor, yet very deep rich and smooth. Very good coffee from an excellent roaster, we would order this coffeee again."

"My favorite tasting so far! Glossy and flavorful, not too acidic, and incredibly pleasant in a pour-over. Would definitely order again."

"I could easily drink this coffee every day, so I ordered a 12oz bag after I tasted my first cup from the sample bag. On the lighter side of medium and just the right amount of nuttiness!"

"All the right ingredients to make a well-rounded cup of coffee. Love the caramel and cinnamon notes in this perfectly nutty roast."

"Liked this one pretty well. Used a Bee House pour-over."

"Hand ground, brewed with a pour over. Not a bad choice, but has more of a darker roast note than the less acidic medium roasts I’m used to. "

"This coffee was a bit to acidic for my taste. It seemed to have flavors of lime and cocoa. It was very fruitful and full flavored. If you like lime flavored cola this is for you. "

"This is a great cup for french press. Awesome fruit acidity with a small amount of sweetness. Overall a great coffee."

"We tried this coffee and it is delicious, whether with cream and sugar or plain black it goes down smooth with a clean finish."

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