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Zoka Coffee - Guatemala Santa Felisa Red Pache Honey

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Guatemala Santa Felisa Red Pache Honey (#641)

Zoka Coffee


Roast: Light roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Single Origin

Tastes: Chocolate, Cocoa, Nutmeg

Scarcity: Seasonal

Bean Box Breakdown

This roast is a real mouthful... and we’re not even referring to the name! The honey process adds a creamy texture to cozy notes of molasses and spiced cocoa. Zoka pays an annual visit to this farm, one of their longest-standing relationships.

Zoka Coffee Story

The Meneses’ have done it again, making the world jealous of the Acatenango Volcano Valley in Guatemala where their beautiful farm grows coffee at 5,400 ft. This year's Red Pache Honey from Santa Felisa will warm you with notes of molasses, nutmeg and bakers chocolate.

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Ships roasted-to-order by Wednesday, September 26.
1-3 day typical delivery.

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Customer Reviews

19 customer reviews  write a review

"This roast just wasn't very memorable. It wasn't bad, just wasn't great either. "

"Give me all the chocolate roasts please!! This one was delicious! Brewed hot and as a cold press! Such a dreamy, creamy cup!"

"This coffee may have been made with honey, but drinking this with a side of golden honey crepes early in the morning while sitting outside... "Mwah!" Couldn't get any better."

"I just got around to drinking this sample of coffee. I really enjoyed the semi-sweet chocolate undertone that reminds me of eating a home baked chocolate chip cookie... without the cookie! Adding cream made it even more delectable. Thanks for the yum!"

"The chocolate and spice really come through in this one. One of my favorite coffees to wake up to in a while!"

"This was a really good, rich coffee. Brewed as an espresso with some steamed milk. Very tasty."

"Really smooth coffee, mild hints of spices but really not a lot of flavor. Not a bad thing, but I do kind of wish the flavors were stronger. However, very easy to drink, smooth, low acidity. "

"Great light roast coffee. Very full flavored with smooth finish. Low acidity, bold with chocolate and honey notes. Great roaster and good coffee."

"A nice smooth cup to start off the day. A little bit sweet with hints of chocolate."

"Tastes watery and generic :( I wanted to love it! I'm not getting the flavors at all."

"Another coffee I have received in my sampler pack and I am not disappointed! I love the rich chocolatey flavor you are getting from this blend! "

"This roast doesn't have as much flavor as I was hoping, I old taste a slight sweetness and nutty flavor."

"The flavor was good but too light. Even when I tried to brew it stronger it tasted watered down. "

"Maybe I missed something - I love Zoka coffee - but this was very plain to me. Nothing bad, nothing great. I didn't get any hints of anything special, but a smooth cup of coffee, no acidity. Again, nothing special to me. "

"I really liked this coffee but I wish it was a bit stronger tasting."

"I don't understand. I also didn't taste any of the flavor notes. Am I just brewing these incorrectly? When I was grinding the beans, I definitely smelled molasses so I was really excited to taste it. It's not like this coffee is bad, it's just not what I expected."

"Delicious! Warm, round mouthfeel. Made on standard drip."

"This was a very sweet coffee brewed as espresso. The warm spices added to the overall richness and fullness. "

"The cupping notes nailed it with the 'nutmeg'. Warm spice, like a nutmeg/all spice. As the cup cools it becomes very smooth and lightly sweet. I was able to pull out some ripe red fruit (raspberry or pomegranate) when brewing with chemex. Excellent cup with breakfast!"

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