The Man Behind the Roaster at Conduit Coffee Roasters


We asked Jesse Nelson, owner of Conduit Coffee Company, a few questions about why he roasts and what makes his coffee stand out. Sip up the answers below:

1. What made you want to get in to roasting?

I grew up around coffee culture and road tripping from quality cup to quality cup. I always knew that there be some sort of cafe business in my future, but then I saw coffee roasting for the first time in Guatemala over an open flame and realized that it was fascinating food with which to cook. I was working in sustainable agriculture and community development work here in Washington and coffee roasting fit right in with my passion for sharing the stories of hard-working farmers growing beautiful food. I began home roasting and quickly maxed out my capacity, both in my consumption and how much I wanted to share. Knowing I needed a larger roaster and wanted to create a community around coffee, I took the leap and created with space that we called it studio. We finished building out our little space and opened for business in May of 2012. The people and land connected by the cup continues to amaze us and we’re more excited than ever to share these stories.

2. How would you describe your roasting style? What’s been the biggest influence on your style?

The biggest influence for me when I began home roasting was when Stumptown open their roastery on Capitol Hill. That’s where I first discovered the business model of single origins and sharing the farmer stories stories from the farm origin. Working with amazing coffee and participating in the dynamic scene in Seattle has influenced how we operate and what sort of coffee we serve. And of course the amazing roasters in Seattle! We are always delighted by our friends’ coffees and their skill keeps us on our toes. That’s one reason why we love Bean Box so much!


3. What makes your coffees unique?

Our coffees are unique, because we select very high quality traceable sustainably grown coffees green beans. We roast them carefully and kindly with enough heat development to bring out vibrant sugars but light enough to still showcase the origin characteristics. We roast with the end consumer in mind, which means we care about your experience with our coffee we think about your brew methods and what you may be expecting from your morning lifeblood coffee. Most of our single origins are light to well-developed light roasts with our blends getting progressively darker. We never like to roast the origin character from the bean, but we’re not afraid to add our own roasting character.

Stay tuned for more roaster profiles from the top independent Seattle roasters working with us at Bean Box! We are so proud of what they do and couldn’t be happier to show off their coffee skills in your monthly box. Click here if you’d like to try Jesse’s expertly roasted coffee!

Only a Few Sips to the Weekend,

Team Bean Box