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Roasting in Seattle since 1992, Fonté is a local favorite as well as the source of coffee for many luxury hotels, including the Four Seasons and Wynn Hotel. Their dark blends are some of the richest, smoothest roasts we've tasted, and their 20+ years of expertise shine through in the cup. Owner Paul Odom believes there isn’t one specific trait that makes them unique, it’s just the coffee and their consistent roasting and dedication to producing a great cup. Paul started his coffee roasting journey at the age of 22 with a serious passion for coffee and was driven to create some of the greatest coffee blends in the world. Give Paul a produce country, and he’ll breakdown the top microlots and their processing methods. Sustainability is a core value for Fonté and they uphold this by working closely with and supporting small farms as well as partnering with local organizations here at home. One of Fonté’s biggest influences is the potential flavors that can be brought out by each coffee. They have become incredibly skilled in identifying these flavors and determining how to develop them to their potential through roasting. Voted “the best micro-coffee roaster in the Northwest" by Northwest Palate Magazine, Fonté continues to be a true Seattle favorite.

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Coffees from Fonte Coffee

F2 Espresso Blend

Medium • Blend • Chocolate, Earthy



Dark • Single Origin • Chocolate, Spice, Earth


Fonte French

Dark • Blend • Toast, Smoke


Siena Blend

Dark • Blend • Nutty, Wine


Brasil Fazenda Jardim

Medium • Single Origin • Tobacco, Spice, Fruit


1st Avenue Blend

Dark • Blend • Anise, Tobacco, Lemon


AA Blend

Dark • Blend • Chocolate, Spice, Toast


AA Decaf

Decaf • Blend • Chocolate, Dark Chocolate


Fonte Portofino

Dark • Blend • Earthy, Herbal